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commercial truck tireYou already know that maintaining proper tire pressure helps you maximize your fleet’s fuel economy, but did you know that it can also help your tires last longer?
According to TireReview.com, tires that are underinflated by 10% are likely to provide a 10% shorter service life. As the inflation percentage drops, the likelihood of premature failure rises considerably. For instance, if tires are underinflated by 20%, their service life can be reduced by 25%; when underinflated by 30%, the service life is shortened by a whopping 50%!
As explained in this article, “underinflation will cause the carcass to flex more, which could start breaking down the compounds. This will eventually cause the tire to fail well before [it would normally] wear out.” By the way, the article also points out that overinflation can be just as detrimental to tires.